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Hi, I’m Daianna

social entrepreneur, writer, teacher & everyday activist

child of Venezuelan immigrants, born and raised in the United States & transplanted to Britain


My life has taken a lot of turns.

But my aim has always been clear.

For 20+ years, I've worked to build a fairer, cleaner, more sustainable world. I believe we each have the power to create a better economy and society, so long as we're willing to talk less and do more. Here's what I've done...




Founder & editor of Thoughtful Magazine

2014 - 2020

Contributor to The Economist, Quartz, Courier & Ethos

From time to time

Aspiring children's
book author


Making homemade ice cream

Swimming in the local pond

Learning to play the cello


Say hello!
If you'd like to work together to change the world for the better, I'd love to hear from you.

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