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Writing highlights

I write (and read!) a lot about how small individual actions can lead to big collective change.


Children's literature

I write (and collect) picture books. I'm currently seeking an agent for my first book, an allegorical fable based on the Coretta Scott King quote: "The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." I'm an alumna of the Cambridge School of Art Picture Book Summer School, where I was tutored by Shelley Jackson, Pam Smy, Sean Taylor, Greg Gormley and Margaret Sturton.


I co-author a "do-something-about-the-news letter," which was named one of the 50 best newsletters in the world. Every Friday, we focus on one headline from the news and suggest one simple action you can take that day to make a difference (subscribe here). Before that, I wrote Thoughtful Notes -- a monthly newsletter read by more than 2,000 subscribers. 

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In 2014, I founded Thoughtful Magazine, a digital-based publication telling the stories of people, lifestyle, design and culture making a positive social impact. I edited, designed, published and wrote for Thoughtful with the help of a talented group of contributing authors, illustrators and photographers. The final issue was published in 2020. 

Published writing

My writing has been published by:

  • The Economist (2009, 2010)

  • Quartz (2015, 2021)

  • Ethos Magazine (2020, 2021)

  • Positive News (2016)

  • Offscreen Magazine (2016)

  • Courier (2015)

  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
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